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eCampus Hub is one of the online platforms offering a comprehensive management system for educational institutes through an intuitive portal system built around user-friendliness. With eCampus Hub, you can bring all your task under one umbrella with an extensive list of features.

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Intrigued By The Ease? Know More About eCampus Hub

We’re an organization dedicated to making operations simpler for educational institutes and organizations with the help of technology. eCampus Hub is a tech-enabled web/cloud-based solution for streamlining processes for your school, college, coaching, university, or any other educational institute.

Our simple yet efficient user interface has wide-ranging features allowing business owners to manage all their resources through a single tab. Moreover, eCampus Hub offers a top-tier management system for schools, colleges, and universities, which also serves as an LMS for students and parents. With dedicated portals for teachers, parents, admin, students, fees, finances, and more, eCampus Hub offers complete command over all organizational needs.

In addition, our platform is built with high-tech solutions for easy and secure access with complete visibility, authority, and reporting analytics for 360-degree command and control. The secure firewall we have built for our portals is what sets us apart. The multi-tier security protocol system of the web-based portal, which keeps all the data on eCampus Hub secure while improving its overall functionality and retaining the confidentiality of processes.

A Peek Inside eCampus Hub

Here are some of the key features that eCampus Hub offers

Student Portal/LMS

Parents’ Portal

Teachers’ Portal

Recorded/Live Lectures

Google Classroom Integration


Fee Structures & Fee Management

Attendance Management

Employee Management

Performance Reports


On-demand Customization

Real-time data input and updates

Exam Master

360-degree supervision

Remarkable Product

eCampus Hub is a one-window solution for your institute management system. It is a smart investment if you want a complete solution for managing and growing your Institute.

Best Value

Nothing is better than having an institutional management system that grants access to your institute with a single click. eCampus Hub is a dynamic, robust institutional module that is user-friendly and cost-effective.


eCampus Hub is a user-friendly software that is easy to learn and great to use. It is a great way to manage tasks like attendance, homework, notifications, grades, report writing, and much more!

Incredible Support

eCampus Hub is one of the best institute management systems. It is processed by automated document building, report generation, student attendance and performance, faculties achievements, and more in one place.

Resilient Security

eCampus Hub is known for its robust security protocols. The two-step verification makes it safe for the institutions. It also offers highly secure services and strong backup options for all the data.

Constant Updates

eCampus Hub aims to make the software the best in the market. Each update improves the overall quality of the institutional software. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective, versatile, scalable management system.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our users have words of praise along with some constructive feedback for us.

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Being an Admin Manager, I used several LMSs, but the features eCampus Hub provides are highly recommendable. This platform brings all our tasks to one place with proper stats and reporting options. Our processes have become simpler and hassle-free. It has reduced the downtime for problem resolutions and allowed us to be more productive in our day-to-day activities. One thing I want to highlight is how seamless and user-friendly the platform is. Even the less tech-savvy people have had no problems accessing the dashboard and navigating through the platform.

Muheet, Admin Manager

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I am a parent of two, and I know how hard it is to keep in constant communication with the institute’s management and teacher to know the progress of kinds. However, ever since the school introduced me to eCampus Hub , my life has become easier. Now I can manage my children’s fees, homework, and resources through the student and parent portal. Not only this, but now I can also keep track of my children’s performance through report and performance analytics which is frequently updated after every sort of evaluation at school. I am glad to see how schools and other institutes are making their processes user-friendly and convenient over time.

Amna, Parent using the parent portal, and student LMS.

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As Head of Operations at a leading educational institute, it is part of my job to recommend platforms that are budget-friendly for the organization, easy to operate and offer sheer value. eCampus Hub has got my recommendation. An excellent platform enabling me to manage my day-to-day and even end-to-end operations just with a few swipes and taps over the portal. I find the system amazing and am working with the team of eCampus Hub to get the portal even more customized for my institute.

Marium, Parent using the parent portal, and student LMS. Perspective: Admin, Owner, Parent, Teacher,

eCampus Hub Your One-Stop Solution For Institute Management

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